Did you know:

  • 40,000 families will reach out to us for help this year
  • Our emergency relief services ran out of essential food items like school snacks and spreads in July this year
  • 6 in 10 people who access our services in food crisis are women, of these, 12,000 are older women aged 55 years and over.
  • 1 in 6 children will struggle to have access to books, school excursions and uniforms.

Let’s help families in crisis so they can focus on the things that matter, like school and education.

Make your collection count

  • Get people involved, pull together a quick committee or group to brain storm ideas
  • Challenge people to give more. Do something a little different every day!
  • Share the message – many people don’t realise how desperately food is needed within their community. #FoodForFamilies
  • Make sure everyone’s got the Shopping List and knows what to donate – email it, share a pic on Facebook, print leaflets for reception, put it on the noticeboard
  • Put your boxes and posters somewhere prominent – by the lifts, in reception, in the kitchen
  • Make it easy on yourself – Use the resources we’ve created
  • Share your success stories with us and the community

Fun ideas

  • Ask people to bring packaged food to your Christmas party instead of gifts, wine or party food
  • Use food instead of your office Kris Kringle
  • Hold a Christmas street party – get to know your neighbours; one box per household? Bring a ‘green bag’ each?
  • Hold an event (eg bowling, trivia, games etc night) and everyone donates $10, then go shopping or gather together and shop online
  • Set daily themes like colours, Cuisines meals, snacks
  • ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ teams contribute on a different days.
  • Hold challenges, set a goal or create competitions!

Too busy?

  • Shop online – try Coles or Woollies online, or your other favourite shopping channel
  • Buy a supermarket gift card for Uniting’s Emergency Relief team to do the shopping for you
  • Donate online

It’s never too late!

We all buy too much at Christmas and New Year or receive hampers with non-perishable items we don’t necessarily want.

New Year’s resolution kick start - be brutal with your cupboards and gifts on 1 January. Clear it out (all in date!) and we’ll do a January pick up.

Get your friends and family to do the same – and maybe make the biggest collection ever!