Food For Families – Get involved

When times get tough, bills stack up and savings are empty – feeding the family means less money towards the things that make a difference, like health and education.

Last year we raised 40 tonnes of food, but it wasn't enough to meet the growing demand. By July our pantries were getting low. Families like Sandra, rely on us to help with the basics.

“If I’m running low on money, I know I can still provide the girls with food thanks to Uniting.”


Find out more about Sandra

Donate food, hold an event or host a collection.

Food For Families is a great way to get together and give back to the community at Christmas time. Donate non-perishable food to a location near you, host a collection at your school or workplace, or become a drop-off point.

People who reach out to us, come for the essentials, but leave with more than hope.

Emergency relief is just one essential crisis service we offer. We provide immediate material and financial support including:

- food parcels
- vouchers
- community meals
- mobile phone
- travel cards
- petrol vouchers.

Give a little time. Get involved in your community.

Volunteer and help people in crisis this Christmas. There are opportunities for everyone; individuals, families and workplaces too. 

Peter's story

Peter* has one goal in life – to see his daughter achieve her dreams. But as a single father relying on a pension as his only source of income, Peter has struggled to make ends meet.

Sandra's story

When Sandra’s 18 month old granddaughter came into her fulltime care at 58, her life changed completely. From a working grandmother, to full-time caregiver of a toddler, the impact on her financial situation was overwhelming.

Anne's story

Anne had been off work with an injury and used all of her sick leave when she found herself unable to pay her power bill, rent or put food on the table for herself and her son.