Christmas Share Appeal

Give more than hope. Donate today to help people in crisis tomorrow.

Donating to our Christmas Share appeal means we can help individuals and families in crisis sooner.

Hundreds of people are collecting Food For Families during Christmas. Every little bit helps, but our pantries across Victoria and Tasmania are getting low. We can't keep up with the rising demand for urgent support with food, housing and counselling, especially at this difficult time of year.

Crisis escalates at Christmas time. People reach out to us for support, because they know we won't turn them away. Your contribution directly supports:

  • families escaping violence
  • people living in poverty as a result of illness, disability or unemployment
  • individuals and families experiencing homelessness, sleeping rough or living in temporary accommodation
  • children and youth experiencing disadvantage
  • people escaping persecution from other countries
  • people experiencing social isolation as a result of mental health issues

We offer a broad range of services across Victoria and Tasmania that gives people tangible support when they need it most. With you, we can do more.

Give more than hope. Keep families together.

Sandra's story

Sandra is a 65-year-old grandmother who has full time care of her two granddaughters. Their mother passed away from a drug overdose in March 2016 and their father (Sandra’s son) has been in and out of prison.

Across Australia more than 47% of children who can’t live with their parents are in the care of relatives.

We need to wrap our arms around people like Sandra so they can wrap their arms around these children and provide a safe, stable, loving home.

Your donation of $25 or more goes to those who need most, faster.

Jodie's Story

As the mother with two teenage daughters, Jodie had no family close by or friends to rely on when the environment she was living in became abusive and unsafe for her family to stay in.

Anne's story

Anne had been off work with an injury and used all of her sick leave when she found herself unable to pay her power bill, rent or put food on the table for herself and her son.

Peter's story

Peter* has one goal in life – to see his daughter achieve her dreams. But as a single father relying on a pension as his only source of income, Peter has struggled to make ends meet.